Hey there, I’m Teresa.

I’m a lot like you: a daughter, mother, wife, friend, pet-lover. If we could sit and chat I’d tell you about my journey, a journey to “find myself” that took me down a rocky, shameful path.

After an abusive childhood, I spent 15 years in the modeling industry, looking for self-worth and affirmation in all the wrong places. I thought I knew a few things about beauty.

But Jesus rescued me, and I’ve never been the same.

Let me help you celebrate the beauty of who you are in God.

Join me and receive an excerpt from my book, “Scarred Up Holy.”

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Learn from Me: A Journey Into My Past

I grew up believing I didn’t deserve God. It wasn’t anything verbal it was just how I dealt with the abuse. I wanted God, or at least what I heard from the church podium, the Bible sounded like something I should revere. Not to mention religion seemed like...

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Designed for a Purpose

I’ve changed and not for the better. My heart and mind have gone from peace and joy to coping and survival mode and I lack purpose. The mix of menopause and teenage girls with their stressful lives has left me on overload. I am a sojourner going through the Change of...

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