I use to think that God’s opus was only for the perfect ones, and I would be left begging, and pounding on the outer white walls of heaven hoping to get in.  

     I am proof that God doesn’t let go of those that love Him. He stands true to His word and doesn’t altogether leave or forsake them (Deuteronomy 31:6), not even the wondering prodigal.

I find that in the sharpening of iron on iron, there’s a Spirit that’s moved me from my poor and ignorant ways about God, to live a life in humble obedience. Instead of pounding my chest to attain what I think I deserve, I’ve learned to let my mind and heart sit in quiet-trust and release all that burdens me.

     Otherwise the sinner that I am, full of worldly vanity, would scrutinize myself and others as if peering through a magnifying glass that enhances all imperfections.

    I am grateful with hands held high to the heavens that the  God who is pure and holy perfection sees my story of healing as a way to share with others His Good News of hope.

     It’s in this hope-story that I am forever grateful to God. He has redeemed and saved me. He gives me a future to look beyond my past, my constant failures, selfish thoughts, wrong motives, and deceitful heart, and lay all them at the cross of Christ to find my worth.

I do not place my faith in my humanness, or my story. But in the story of my Savior that rescued and released me from the striving I was trying to navigate on my own. My hope and trust in the cross is the evidence of God in my life that has changed my striving, to thriving. 

     Some of you reading this blog will be able to identify with my experiences. Others may not relate to my struggles at all, but will still recognize the yearning of my heart-the longing to be understood, to be cherished, and to be loved. 

     I pray we will connect whether through our brokenness and wounded hearts, as we long for healing  for our scarred memories to restoration from the carnage of distrust that has been strewn throughout out lives. 

     While I don’t know your story, I encourage you—to look at what enslaves you? What keeps you from trusting others or even God? Do not give up my friend from learning to move from your unbelief to belief in the miracle of God’s saving grace.