I never really thought I had much of a story.

Not one I wanted to tell, anyway.

I was young and insecure, like most women. My upbringing fractured by divorce and dysfunction. I longed for love, acceptance, and self-worth.

The beautiful models on the pages of the magazines intrigued me,

their fashionable clothes and sexy looks promising a lavish lifestyle, fame and happiness. So I joined their ranks.

For 15 years I was in the industry, modeling for print and trade shows. I even owned my own modeling agency and guided other young women down a path that promised fame and fortune.

But fame had a price.

That life was empty and the promises turned out to be lies.

I looked for acceptance, but instead had to compromise. I longed for friends, but found only competitors. I hoped to “find myself,” but ended up in a lifestyle that was deceptive and hollow. The happiness I wore was a mask.

And then Jesus found me,

and in knowing Him I found my place in this world.

I want you, my friend, to know Him too.

He is the God Who takes our wounded pasts, redeeming them for His glory–holy scars.

God can take your brokenness and shape it into something beautiful.

I’ve walked down a self-destructive road, a path that brought me to my knees. I’m proof that God

Transforms, and
Refreshes the broken soul.

Can you already anticipate His healing restoration?

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I’m a grateful wife to a loving husband and the mom of four spunky daughters, plus one grafted-in girl. With so many females under one roof, we joke that we should have our own reality show, Catching Up With The Coelhos.

We’re not perfect. Our insecurities and our snags keep us reliant on our patient and gracious God.

I enjoy speaking to groups of all ages and stages. You can check out my Speaking page to learn about that ministry.

I’ve also spoken to mother-daughter groups and young women, sharing lessons I learned from my years in the modeling industry. You can learn more about that at my Power of Modesty page.

I’d love to connect with you, so feel free to drop me a line. Thank you for being patient with my response as my plate is full with family and mucking horse stalls!

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