The earth was created from nothing, a bottomless emptiness. And we were formed from the nothing dust and bone and yet we strive to find perfection from our nothingness.

That one crumb that sits on the table next to the elbow of our daughters tutor, I just want to wipe it away. It’s a reminder that my life wasn’t meant to be perfect, that were a family learning to live life bold untied to the worlds restraints.  
How often do we believe we live free, when really we look down our nose at all that wasn’t done the right way…our way. When our children make their own life choices and refuse to choose what we want for them.
When I live full of myself, striving with good intentions to better my children, and those around me I end up living miserably blind to self condemnation, to self satisfying my world of perfection.
What if we learn to step back from the control and chaos so we can breathe and look at life differently, bigger. Maybe even the way God sees it.  He’s really not all about productivity and perfection, He’s more inclined to care about the heart.  
When the heart is open to love without the control and look past the imperfect, life around you breathes easier.  Life around you begins to love and flourish because after all we weren’t meant to live perfect, because the Perfect One already came.  
Braver Living isn’t always about living big it’s about living right. It’s when we find God in our hardest moments and He says love at all times. Or when you take a pink highlighter pen to the pages of new book because you’re tired trying to live perfect.
If you’re looking to rehabilitate your heart and begin breathing again realizing that the perfection you’ve been striving towards only makes you live isolated. I’m writing for some pretty awesome ladies, Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory who have recently written a book called The Cure for the Perfect Life ~12 Ways to Stop Trying Harder and Start Living Braver.
A must read when you’re learning to live brave beyond the unreasonable, to the God rational.

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