I’ve changed and not for the better. My heart and mind have gone from peace and joy to coping and survival mode and I lack purpose. The mix of menopause and teenage girls with their stressful lives has left me on overload.

I am a sojourner going through the Change of Life, completely caught off guard by the myriad of physical and emotional changes that have bombarded my mind and body.

The hardest part is I miss being the mom, woman and wife I use to be when my girls were young before their adolescence, when hormones were on a small controllable level.

I want my life back. In tact.

Living middle-aged is like living life on the outer fray of existence.

A friend on Facebook mentioned that menopause was a Rights of Passage, like getting your period or giving birth for the first time signifies womanhood.

Yet menopause is not about life giving it’s more a life endurance, a mid-race that life has reached its half way mark, saying there’s more to come.

There’s a firm promise that the world and its consensus overlooks about menopause. That the Message of Christ is just as true today as it was at the time of creation. God designed you and me for a purpose till the end.

Eugene Peterson writes this:
That birth story (between Abraham and Sarah) sends an important message to people of faith, one that needs repeating over and over. The message is that God invades us with new life and that new life changes who we are…as the story about Isaac we not so much find out what happen as to what can happen. We’re curious not about the past but about ourselves. Can He do it again we wonder? Can He bring birth out of barrenness? Can He birth love out of a loveless marriage? Can He bring a viable business out of bankruptcy? Can He bring forth faith out of a barren womb of our unbelief?

Yes God can.

Barrenness isn’t necessarily always from our womb, it can be about the heart. We wonder in our flesh if God can create a spiritual flame in us after menopause. Am I capable of writing a book? Will my words be worth listening to? Can I provide a hope and encouragement for someone else that’s walking where I’ve been?

You and I, we have dreams waiting to be birthed from the solitude of our spiritual wombs. Longings that have long been over looked while caring for others.

Dreams that God had set for this appointed time.

God is passionate about us. He nailed His Son on the cross so that we can end our life stronger than when we started.

This is why I believe so passionately in Diane Bailey’s Consilium, a community where women in their second phase of life can find wisdom and purpose.

So maybe my Facebook friend was right about Menopause, that it is a Rights of Passage. It offers us hope that ignites a flame. A resuscitation that brings a fresh breathe to the second half of our lives.
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