So many of us have dreams that are kept locked inside of us waiting to get out and be discovered.


Turn back is what I naturally want to do when walking an unfamiliar road. There’s a part of me that says I have talent to write, while there’s another side to me that tends to talk myself out of my own beliefs.

It’s hard to choose my dreams over comfort.

I started hanging out with differnt writer and author groups on social media yet I was still left with a big hole in my writing life. Groups weren’t giving me the answers I was looking for.

I was feeling forgotten by God. And after a handful of speaking engagements I assumed His plan was to continue to lead me down that road, but instead I was left waiting in a wasteland. Even though I felt like a failure, the Spirit was pressing me to proceed on faith.

What I didn’t know was God was preparing my heart for something bigger that I couldn’t have achieved when I first started writing back in 2000.

I made an appointment with Dan King of Fistbump Media. I shared with him my story and my dreams and after our time I realized I was in worse shape than I thought. I needed support and took his 31-Day on-line course to help me maneuver through the world of social media.

I’m not one for schooling. However, Fistbump Media has an e-course that has come along side my journey that has given me the tools that are essential to not only fulfill my dreams of writing a book and build a website but also make them successful.

Sometimes the waiting isn’t a wasteland. It’s a valuable gift from God full of surprises I never thought were necessary.

Most writers and bloggers feel they don’t have the resources to pursue their dreams. Fistbump Learning Center has created this 31-Day course that is an oasis from the overwhelming stress of having to figure the secret success to social media. The course gives its students a short informative lesson that will radically help you to achieve your dreams.

Each dream is a choice.

An invitation.

An encounter with faith.

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