God’s been unraveling my life story, prying my fingers from the past the whole stinking lot of it, the difficult and tragic…including the every day stuff that I didn’t think mattered.

Author Emily Wierenga, shares her memoirs in her book Atlas Girl, a story of travelling the globe in search of God and faith. While on her journeys before heading home she learns “You can’t become healed until you revisit the past.”

Like Emily’s journey I too have been on a mission to find Jesus in the past, to travel back and find that even in the shame there’s a Savior who can make all things beautiful in His time.

Ever since I can remember I spent my summers on the Klamath River. The earlier years were roughest, though all the years were rough. It was a remote location off the old river road between the small wood-framed homes where the local Indians lived, and the dilapidated one-room schoolhouse that sat along the bank.

I dreaded going outside at night walking from the cabin to the trailer where visitors slept. My flashlight illuminated the pitch-blackness hoping to scare off any critters or creature.

The trailer was always icebox cold. The cold bed sheets with piled high blankets, made me shiver waiting for warmth to hem in around me. I’d lay there exhausted, to scared to fall asleep as I listened to the rustling of bushes outside my window. I was fearful that I wouldn’t wake up in the morning.

The sun brought relief shining through the towering pine trees and splashing across the mountain floor. Walking to the cabin I’d watch the smoke escape from the stove stack and breathe in smells of Kerosene and hot chocolate.

This was my grandpa’s place. Remote. Quiet. No phones. No TV. A rough three-mile car ride on a dirt road used by loggers. Oh how I braved the tight cliff hanging turns to get there. I can still visualize the road that made my stomach anxious and hold my breath.

There are days when I think I can still smell the Kerosene lantern that hung over the kitchen oven, the smell of bacon cooking in the cast iron skillet and the bread toasting on the potbellied stove.

I haven’t touched a childhood photograph in more than a decade. I boxed them up and sent them off sitting in storage. I did come across this picture of my mom holding me posted on Facebook by my niece.

Emily’s book Atlas Girl is a rescue journey I didn’t know my heart needed. My story has taken this unexpected turn and I’m not sure how it’s going to finish. God has a plan for this rescue-journey, to resurrect the past and have me take a peak inside because no matter how painful the past family is hard to let go of, it always calls you home.

You can join me on this journey. Order a copy of Emily Wierenga’s book, Atlas Girl here: www.atlasgirl.com


Angie Ryg

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