I’m having a giveaway this week one that I know most parents need encouragement with because we all need direction when it comes to raising girls. This book about understanding boys is different its not your typical mom and daughter script.

I speak from experience with a home full of girls, girls that bring more girls, more hormones, and more lip-gloss.

Every girl ponders questions like “What is God’s intentions for dating and purity?

Our girls, they deserve the best information out there and I have a key resource that’ll give them the upper hand when it comes to understanding boys.

Bob and Dannah Gresh have recently wrote a book together called:

8 Great Dates for Dads & Daughters-Talking with Your Daughter About Understanding Boys.

It’s a dad and daughter dynamic duo book by Secret Keeper Girl http://pure-freedom.myshopify.com/collections/tweens

Dad’s you’ve got your work cut out for you, this generation of broken marriages has left this generation of daughters disillusioned leaving her to believe that the world standard of dating is all she’s got to go on.

Whether you’re a biological dad or a step-dad, an uncle, older brother this is a great way to invest and spend intentional time with this next generation girl giving her the tools she’ll need to be confident while waiting on God’s timing for boys and dating instead getting caught up in what her friends say.

This book gives step-by-step tips and instructions on how to discuss boys with your daughter while making some fun memories together.

Here’s the giveaway part. Simply leave a comment below.  I’ll choose a winner at the end of the week.  Just check back on Saturday when i announce the winner so that I’m able to get your mailing address info.  It’s that simple.   

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