“Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.” Song of Songs 2:15

I recently read 10 Ideas to Inspire Red Hot Sex by Kathi Lipp and Erin MacPherson. I didn’t know that God would find me on these pages and split my heart wide open. This book has torn down walls that have become built due to life’s unexpected challenges, hardships that make the heart calloused and hard to penetrate. Yet on these sexy pages I was able to reconnect with my husband.

When I was a young girl the thought of marriage looked unassuming, yet when Danny and I met we were captivated, and our love stood out different, our chemistry evident by others.

A decade passed and though life was still blissful it suddenly took a turn without warning changing the tempo of our affection. The caring and passing of parents while raising teenage girls took on a whole new strength that caught us by surprise. We walked unfamiliar paths, hard miles with deep ruts that pulled at us. My marriage felt trampled on by the trials that caused our intimacy to fade into the background as we continued to live out challenges.

We got lost in the quandary of life, and I began to lose heart in my marriage. Not in the man I married, in the hard circumstances that caused our hearts tremendous disappointments that ended up walking right between us.

It was my knee-jerk reaction to the hurt that found its way between the sheets in our bedroom and I was left hiding within my own skin.

God intends marriage to be beautiful and harmonious, yet when the let downs of life moved in and commandeered my heart, I didn’t know 10 ideas to Inspire Red Hot Sex would open doors that would rekindle our hearts.

God works in the most vulnerable and intimate places of our lives where the foxes wreck the most havoc.

If your marriage needs renewing or a playful reconnecting, Kathi Lipp and Erin MacPherson’s 10 Ideas to Inspire Red Hot Sex is written from Christian women authors that give us a safe place to get inspiration and find out Gods design for sex and building intimacy with your spouse. Their fun flirty ideas are not just physical but also an emotional reconnecting of the heart by creating intentional time for you and your spouse.

To get your copy click here: https://kathilipp.leadpages.net/hotmamasbook/
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