My heart is upended waiting to live out a dream. To drive down a meandering road that leads to a home, a place with a porch where life will be shared and hearts renewed by hope in life’s storms.

There are days when I think this waiting is a waste of time an excuse to live fruitless, and I’m frustrated living with my hands tied believing I cant pursue God-dreams without the correct setting. It’s in my wrong thinking that I find God works His best in my impractical current condition.

In Sarah Mae’s new book Longing For Paris she writes, “God gives life to my aspirations, He allows them to come alive so my dreams are deepen to trust Him in the waiting. God works opposite than the world.”

When I feel like God has hit the pause button, I’m inclined to waste time and it’s hard to move passed what I can’t control. There are days when life is a hard up hill struggle and I have to remind myself I’m right where I’m suppose to be.

In the words written from the book Longing For Paris by Sarah Mae she writes, “I want to bring my Longings into my everyday life in order to taste and see the goodness of the Lord. I want to Enjoy Him, and I want to live wild awake right where He has me.”

Living for today means trusting God in the present, and not allowing my heart to become tangled in my trials that try and mix my motives to benefit me. If I want to experience God than I must live my life full in His care and not in the floundering of wistfully waiting on tomorrow’s dreams to materialize.

God doesn’t leave me in a lurch but waits until He has my full attention. He wants me to be willing to live His adventure instead of orchestrating my own. I have to remember that it’s God who is the author of my adventures and it’s He who has the authority to open doors or keep them shut.

God is a life-changer, but His better plan doesn’t just take shape over night – it has to become a longing before it can become life changing.

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