That’s how I’m feeling this morning after receiving a phone call around 4:30am, my oldest daughter calling asking if I’m up? She’s called me a hand full of time since she left almost ten years ago, but this morning she called to tell me that her water broke and the contractions are not worth going to the hospital yet.

In the next twenty-four hours I’m going to be a grandma, while still raising a handful of my own babies and I’m not sure how I feel about all this. The lack of a relationship between her and I the life road she’s travelled without a momma I’m stepping into the unknown, unsure of expectations of my role leaves me feeling lost.

So this morning in my lostness, I’m sitting here typing this while one daughter eats breakfast next me, and the other getting ready for school, while wait for another daughter to come home from a sleep over.

This wasn’t how I thought becoming a grandmother would be, no space between my motherhood and hers, no excitement, no planning, no relationship.

But even in this God can work the unworkable and walk me through this new uncharted season.

Five Minute Friday 

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