Sometimes truth and grace have to collide together for growth to happen in our lives…for our hearts to understand the heartbeat of God. I’ve been feeling the pressure that it’s my purpose as a mom to not just understand everything that goes on in my girl’s lives, to have a handle on situations or then I’m not doing my job.

I rely on discernment or I could end up I’m stepping on God’s toes, over watching, micro-managing Him to make sure He’s doing His job right with my family. The best thing I can do is give my girls situations over to Him, not turn my head dismissing a concern, but give God Carte Blanche, permission to do whatever He wants, however He chooses for His plan.

Trusting in the unseen to work behind the scenes takes time, sometimes more time than I’m willing to wait for. I end up jumping into situations with good intentions stepping all over scared ground without His permission where He doesn’t need me, maybe doing more harm than good.

God calls me to love, not convict, how far will finger pointing get me? Will all the rescuing of my family really make them any happier…safer, or just more dependent on me… and not on Him?

Stress from expectations robs me of JOY.

Faith is to be lived out blind not demanding the unseen to become visible…trust believes God can do miracles without me having to know everything or be a part of it.

There are days where I’m desperate in search for GOD-JOY, it can be rare to find in a home raising teen girls while battling my own premenopausal emotional meltdowns. But its here, waiting in the quiet waiting for me to not give in to another’s attitude or lack of gratefulness, rather bask in it, soak JOY in.

Joy is an example of being able to endure and hope in all things instead of worrying over them. Joy lightens the heart and the days load that weights the heart down. Joy supersedes the needs knowing God and only Him can provide and work them out. Joy brings grace and truth together onto the same page bringing a beautiful mix of trust and faith together colliding, enduring the hardest of life to one focus.

Joy in the Lord.  
 Angie Ryg  

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