I began speaking

on a dare.

My husband thought I should begin a ministry for women.

I had no intention of speaking publicly and told Danny so. If you’ve read About Me, then you’ll know I was involved in a career that brought much shame and remorse. I had experienced forgiveness and healing, but had no plans of ever sharing my story and struggles with the world-at-large.

I did have an idea for a “modesty” ministry to young women, but it was just that: an idea.

Danny, however, was a sneaky sort and went behind my back with the help of an influential friend.

Dennis Rainey is a personal friend of ours. You may recognize him from FamilyLife, a division of Cru. Dennis happened to be hosting a ministry event in town, and Danny picked him up at the airport.

On the way to the event, Danny mentioned to Dennis that I had an idea to start a ministry for young women, one that taught about modesty. Dennis listened and loved the idea!

So the next day, at a luncheon filled with FamilyLife attendees,

Dennis Rainey announced my (non-existent) ministry!

Imagine my surprise when women flocked to me with their contact information, all of them wanting to come to my event!

God knew what it would take to move me, to make me have to commit to the “yes” put in front of me. When God moves, His strength follows and His Spirit fills us with joy and peace. I didn’t want to let God and Dennis down, and so began my speaking ministry.

My “modesty” ministry idea would later become Power Of Modesty 

and would provide an opportunity to influence hundreds of young women. I now understand that in sharing my story and showing my scars, I can share hope and glorify the Lord.


I’ve spoken publicly for several years, sharing my story with women of all ages and letting the light of Jesus shine through all my broken places. I’d love to talk with you about your women’s event and prayerfully consider a tailored message that will speak to your audience.

I’m a connector of hearts for the sole purpose of glorifying God.

I enjoy speaking to groups of all ages and sharing my message of hope. I’m a living breathing testimony of how God can heal our wound and broken places to create holy scars for His glory.

I know what it’s like to be abused.

I’m a survivor of divorce–both my parent’s and my own.

I know the pressures women of all ages face to measure up to the world’s standard of beauty.

And I’ve been healed and set free.

Power of Modesty

In my ministry for teen girls and young women, I address the messages we receive through the media and the entertainment industry. I help them to understand that modesty isn’t what they wear, it’s who they are. When young women learn to recognize the lies of this world and realize who they are in Christ, their entire perspective is transformed!

To learn more, visit my Power of Modesty page.

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