He told me over the phone why he doesn’t desire to come to know Christ. He said it was because his life needed cleaning up first.

It’s troubling to think they’ve got to be perfect before Jesus can save them.

There’s a lot to a person’s background that makes or breaks them, especially when there’s been a hard road of disappointments that makes them wonder why they’ve even been born.

Perception can make one feel blamed.

When the lies from life’s sufferings become easier to believe and twist the fate of our choices from year to year, grace is the only thing that can turn the broken around and bring the dead back to life.

Otherwise the heart becomes a lifetime hostage to our past.

I respect that you’re ashamed of some choices and would rather spiffy up a bit before standing heart-to-heart with the Almighty. I probably should do more of the same each morning I know there are days when I need to.

Yet on the other hand, you cant deny that when God looks at you, and He does…He doesn’t see the ugly mess. He sees Himself. Like it or not, you were created in His image, not the image and the labels the world gave.

He sees the goodness of your heart, the acts of kindness you’ve done in private. He sees that you once had big dreams that got lost along life’s road.

You were already created perfect, exactly how God chose you to be, even before the foundations of the earth. The only thing you have to do is accept it.

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