Beauty doesn’t fade as you get older, God refines our beauty so we become more defined by what He’s etched on our heart.

When you’re young you make choices without thinking of the long-term effects, the consequences that leave us exposed and having to live underneath the wreckage when it all comes undone.

For fifteen years I was a model in Orange County and Los Angeles, attention from this type of trade doesn’t keep one from struggling with self-esteem, in fact I think it makes insecurity manifest itself to the core of the human heart, questioning every part of your existence. I wanted desperately to be known and accepted just as I was and not for who I pretended I had to be.

I was hopelessly drifting believing that I wasn’t good enough, and I allowed those thoughts of superficial-beauty to define me. I was searching for what it meant to live a purposeful life but I was looking within the world, I didn’t know that there was a God that formed every part of me with His hands perfect.

I did the unimaginable and had breast implants, and then God grabbed my heart and began to write me into His story and I started sharing His hope at schools and churches to teen girls and women.

This generation they need to know that God loves them just as they are.

There’s always more that God does behind the scenes He brings the hidden sins to the surface for us to face and I pretended that I was fine. I became wildly ill and I didn’t want the world to know that I was exhausted and in pain.

I was living two lives, encouraging girls to live content while I kept a secret from my past hidden. I realized I had to choose and remove the implants, and not replace them.

God healed me on the recovery table, I was completely restored…a miracle.

There’s more to beauty than looking youthful, it isn’t just skin deep, its heart deep. It’s where you find God, not just in the maturity of your skin but also in the maturity of your spiritual walk with Christ. With age comes wisdom when we’re willing to have our eyes opened and our heart humbled. When we say His name He brings us into His Presence and we begin to understand that wisdom comes from walking through years of our trials.

Walking with God is like walking on holy ground. I can hear God tell me that I’m enough just as I am even after the choices I made in my youth that have left me with scars and sun-kissed skin. I am finally free from the lies of our counterfeit culture, and strive to be an example for the next generation.
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