I’ve been quiet on the blog. Our move across the states has been more than I ever imagined. It’s been a life transition of good mixed in with unexpected challenges.

One of my favorite changes has been the surroundings, there’s nothing like waking up in the woods. At first, I felt secluded living down winding roads, miles from the local Kroger. The closest place to get a burger is five miles away at the Conoco gas station where they have an indoor grill. Completely different living than the fifty plus years I was in Southern California.

To grow up in and raise my own family in the same location I think can make you blind to your surroundings. I took for granted the good and the bad that became my everyday routine, becoming blind to God except for shallow needs to be met.

God placed us here, we never intended or even thought to move to Arkansas. We searched over nine years for our forever home in the hill country of Texas. In my mind, Texas was a lot like California, a hot and dry desert. Arkansas can get more rain in one weekend than California does in a year. It’s necessary to keep a storm app handy on our phone of a severe thunderstorm, flash flood or tornado.

God literally moved us here to save us. I never thought much about leaving Southern California until I couldn’t bear the stress. It was doing me into the point of feeling claustrophobic from the number of people and cargo of concrete. I felt like I was in a prison that I needed to break free from.

It’s far more magical watching lightning bugs than traffic signals. Arkansas isn’t perfect, but the beauty of back roads and open spaces finish like a good book. Refreshing and wanting more.

The past almost two years of living here I’ve invested time in myself to sort out my mid-life thoughts from the past decade. That time was hard on my marriage and on me but since our move even here life has had a near death for my spouse, twice. Looking backward over the past 8 months God kept us in His mercy while we’ve had to regroup. While I enjoy this new country lifestyle, I’m also thawing from a long emotional winter.

And yet, through illness and relocation, God transplanting us to Arkansas changed us for the better forcing our hearts to live stretched in the possibilities to pursue what’s been steeping inside, and what we never imagined.

I will share with you all the changes in due time. If you like horses, here’s an article I recently wrote for Go Horse Show Magazine https://gohorseshow.com/2019/03/parenting-a-future-champion-whether-in-horses-or-life/